The Public Theatre’s Assassination of Donald Trump and the Hypocrisy of Conservatives



by John Ellis

The New York City Public Theatre’s famed Shakespeare in the Park finds itself embroiled in controversy over its production of Julius Caesar. Utilizing a contemporary setting, the theatre obviously intends for the audience to see President Donald Trump as Julius Caesar, or vice-versa. From the red tie, blue suit, penchant for tweeting, and the iconic “Donald hair,” the Public Theatre is making a not-intended-to-be-subtle statement with the portrayal of the character Julius Caesar. If you’re familiar with the play, you then know that Trump/Caesar is assassinated in Act 3 scene 1. For the record, I’m quite confident that the statement the production team is trying to make is not that President Donald Trump should be assassinated. More than likely, the statement revolves around things like authoritarianism and political violence.

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5 Books that Every Christian Should be Reading on a Regular Basis

gutenbergIt’s been over half a millennium since Gutenberg changed the world with his movable type printing press.  In the intervening years, over one hundred and twenty-five million books have been published[1]. In my hubris, I am listing five books, less than .00000004% of the total output, that I believe are not only must-reads for Christians but are must-reads on a regular basis. However, I can’t define what “regular” means for others; for me, “regular” means once a year. But different life circumstances, speed reading ability, etc. will stretch or even shrink the definition of “regular.” I do believe, very strongly, that the books listed below are highly profitable and should be a part of the library of every Christian who is living in the West and, hence, drowning in the increasing tide of available books. The books that I’ve listed below offer a wealth of riches in areas that need to be interacted with frequently. If I were to make a list of books that I believe Christians should read at least once, this post would be much longer.

The following books are not ranked in order based on the value I believe they hold. They’re ranked in the order in which I had inadvertently stacked them on my desk. It’s also not a comprehensive list – not only will I be happy to hear suggestions for both additions and replacements, I want to hear suggestions. After all, there are over one hundred and twenty-five million books that I’ve never heard of, much less read; I need recommendations, too.

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