Thou Shalt Not Pirate Movies Nor Music


by John Ellis

My six-year old heathen heart knew two things: I wanted some candy and an entire wall of candy was spread out before me. So, I took some candy, opened it, and began satisfying the lust of my little, heathen heart.

Later, as we piled into the station wagon, my mom knew two things, too: I hadn’t entered the store with any candy and she hadn’t purchased any for me while we were in the store. So, she marched me back into the store, and under her flashing, stern eyes I admitted to the manager what I had done.

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Parents, Broken Bones, and Sin’s Curse

broken arm cast

by John Ellis

There are moments that remind parents that our children aren’t really ours, not really. Moments that interrupt daily life, underscoring parents’ finiteness and the fragility of our children. Moments that stand still in pain and hopelessness while you implore, to no avail, for time to reset itself back into daily life.

Tuesday evening as I sat reading on our back-deck, the weak yet desperate cries of help coming from the front yard were the first signal that a chain of unwanted moments for my family had been set in motion.

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Aimee Byrd Asks About Men and Women ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends?’

aimee byrdby John Ellis

While working as a bartender at a large nightclub in Pensacola, FL, one of the bouncers asked me if I wanted to join him and several of our other male coworkers the next day when they visited the campus of the local Christian fundamentalist college. Asking why in the world they would want to do that, I was stunned by his answer.

“The girls there dress incredibly sexy!” he blurted out.

Dress sexy? That made very little sense to me. Like most Christian fundamentalist colleges, the dress code was strict and allowed for very little flaunting of flesh. Sexy was a descriptor that I never thought I would hear describe the clothes of the females on that campus. Especially not from guys who worked in a place where semi-nudity was a constant and where actual nudity was not uncommon. Sex permeated our work. By way of one example, the bouncers had been instructed to not be in too big of a hurry to intervene when customers engaged in public sex. The other customers enjoyed the show, after all.

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Pro-Life Group Condemns Christian School for Punishing Pregnant Teen


by John Ellis

Christians need to stop apologizing for the Biblical doctrine of sin. Of course, and sadly, many professing followers of King Jesus don’t really hold to a doctrine of sin as defined by God in the Bible. For them, instead of a violation of God’s holy and unchanging law, sin is a moving target that shifts and becomes redefined based on the opinions and/or feelings of those around them. Many professing Christians appear to be more concerned about appeasing unbelievers than they are in having any sort of consistency in reference to sin. This problem frequently raises its ugly head, but a current situation involving a pregnant teenager who was punished by her Christian school is the most current example causing professing Christians to apologize for other Christians faithfully adhering to the Biblical doctrine of sin (the most current example at the time of this writing, at least).

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