Comparing the Confederate Flag to Planned Parenthood



by John Ellis

I write a lot of articles. To be frank, I promptly forget many of them. Not this one, though. Below is a link to one of my favorite articles that I’ve written for PJ Media. And that’s all the lead-in/hype that I believe the article needs. Click the link below to read it.


Slavery, Class Privilege, and the Denial of Moral Absolutes


by John Ellis

This past week, The Atlantic published a fascinating story titled, “My Family’s Slave.” In his piece, Filipino-American writer Alex Tizon recounts the tale of Eudocia Tomas Pulido (called “Lola”), his family’s live-in “maid” who was never paid, wasn’t allowed to see her family, worked from before sun-up to past sun-down, and who didn’t have her own bedroom most of the time. In the article, Tizon remembers seeing Lola sleeping against piles of laundry.

I had already planned on sharing The Atlantic cover-story in my next “Weekend Reading” article, and I encourage you to take the time the read “My Family’s Slave.”

Alex Tizon, who died this past spring, writing what amounts to a horrific confession, of sorts, managed to be interesting, appalling, amusing, frustrating, heartwarming, and chilling all in the same story. On the strength of his writing skills and the nature of the story, “My Family’s Slave” has gone viral, and has prompted much outrage. In this piece, it’s some of that outrage that I’m interested in commenting on.

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Gay Marriage and Slavery: How the Left Wins the Debate Without Actually Debating

gay marriage 2

by John Ellis

Words are worth as many pictures as pictures are worth words[1]. In fact, getting all theological, I’d like to point out that God chose to primarily reveal Himself by inspiring writers and not painters[2]. Although I’ve just risked alienating my visual artist friends, I think most people will understand my point – while pictures are powerful tools of communication, words, by painting stark images in the mind, have the incredible power to bring clarity. Unfortunately, the misuse of words also holds the devious power to manipulate. Demagogues and propagandists understand how words can manipulate and change the conversation. And while I won’t deny that the Right is guilty of its fair share of rhetorical chicanery[3], the Left is currently putting on a demagoguery clinic. For example, in the “debate” about gay marriage, rhetorical tactics are often deployed by the Left in a manner that would make a Panzer division commander zufrieden.

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