Paige Patterson, the SBC, and the Abuse of Women


by John Ellis

Last week, one of the women in our church asked me and the senior pastor if we were aware of the controversy growing around Paige Patterson and his comments on abused women. I told her that I had contemplated writing an article about it, but decided against it because Patterson doesn’t speak for me nor does he speak for our church. However, after listening to her tell us about the women in our church who have expressed dismay over Patterson’s comments (and confessed actions), I decided that it was important to make a public statement, of sorts. Since I have a public platform on PJ Media, I did just that.

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Catching Up: Disaster Relief, Assisted Suicide, The Bones of Saint Peter, and Other Topics

2.-Writing-furiouslyby John Ellis

This last week has been a busy writing week. I have written eleven articles that have been published, and three that will probably be published today or tomorrow (and I owe my editor one more article this week). My article about the Southern Baptist Convention’s Disaster Relief Team has done very well. I don’t have a view-count, but the article has been shared on Facebook 70,000 times!

If you are interested in reading any the articles below, click on the title and you will be redirected. Thank you for reading.

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Southern Baptist Convention Demonstrates the Love of Jesus


by John Ellis

Every December, by God’s grace, my church family goes caroling in the neighborhood in which the church’s building is located (which is also my neighborhood). A week or so before the event, we mail out postcards inviting the neighborhood to join us as we walk around singing Christmas carols from house to house. The evening concludes with hot chocolate and cookies in the fellowship hall. The neighborhood loves it.

Last year, back at the church building enjoying hot chocolate and cookies, I struck up a conversation with one of the families from the neighborhood who had joined us. The father asked me if we’re a Southern Baptist church. We are. I told him so, and quickly changed the subject. You see, as I confessed to my pastor later, I was embarrassed to admit that our church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. I was wrong to feel that way, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

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