The Gospel and Transgenderism: Part 2 (Words Matter)

A_TransGender-Symbol_Plain1by John Ellis

Having previously set the stage by defining and detailing God’s story, the discussion can now turn to how transgenderism fits within the parameters of gender established by the Bible. Unfortunately, defenders of transgenderism often use shifting parameters that are, at times, self-refuting[1]. Thankfully, followers of King Jesus are able to lean on the transcendent and absolute truth of the Bible for guidance. God’s word is sure.

For many, however, words are a funny thing. Or, rather, words have no fixed meaning but are merely symbols of a specific set of circumstances fluidly experienced by a culturally shaped individual. For those people, human words are not sure and neither are God’s words.

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The Gospel and Transgenderism: Part 1 (The Gospel)

A_TransGender-Symbol_Plain1by John Ellis

As debates continue to roil long-held gender distinctions, Christians need to ensure that our responses are rooted in God’s story. Most likely, those debates are going to become more contentious, and the Church will continue to be at the center of the social maelstrom. If we’re not careful to ground ourselves in the Bible, gender debates will strain the very gospel fabric that allows the Church to be an effective witness for Jesus.

Grounding our responses in the Bible helps us realize that disagreements over gender issues are first and foremost disagreements about who God is and what His story tells us about humans, the problem, and God’s solution for that problem. Make no mistake, gender debates reveal whether or not an individual is willing to submit to God or is rebelling against their Creator. To that end, Christians cannot allow ourselves to lose sight of our primary objective – sharing the gospel.

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The American Family Association, Target, and Transgender Bathrooms


Apparently, in order to beat Target, the American Family Association believes that they have to become like Target. In my article linked below, I express my *ahem* disproval of the AFA’s latest tactic.

Caitlyn Jenner, Jon Stewart, and Society’s Game of Rhetorical Whack-a-Mole

caitlyn jenner

by John Ellis

This past week, among the media fed hoopla about Caitlyn Jenner, among the shrill cries of the sky is falling – God’s sovereignty doesn’t mean what it actually means!!! – and the equally shrill cries that tolerance WILL win out – so take that, bigots!!!, – Jon Stewart’s voice rose to the top. In a June 2 episode of The Daily Show, Stewart took the media, and us, to task for focusing on Caitlyn’s looks. In an oft shared quote, so oft shared that Stewart and his quote became a trending topic that out-trended the other conversations about Caitlyn Jenner, Stewart, wagging his verbal finger sarcastically, said, “When you were a man, we could talk about your athleticism, your business acumen. But now you’re a women, and your looks are really the only thing we care about.” Except Stewart, the self-appointed media schoolmarm armed with a self-constructed ruler fashioned out of the pretense of floating-above-the-fray objectivity[1], and his self-righteous gobbledygook demonstrates the nonsensical rhetorical pretzels our society has all of a sudden found itself in.

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