A Theology of Art


by John Ellis

Within the Church, artists often feel like islands unto themselves, particularly among many conservative Evangelical churches. Which is unfortunate, especially considering that the first time God introduces Himself in the Bible it’s as an artist[1]. It’s also unfortunate because it means that brothers and sisters in Christ are then tempted to find community elsewhere. And considering that many in the broader artistic community are antagonistic towards the Christian faith, Christian artists run the risk of feeling like they have to choose between their church and their art.

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War Room: Dishonoring God

war-roomby John Ellis

 *Spoiler Alert*

I didn’t wake up last Monday morning thinking about War Room, the Kendrick brothers, or Christian movies in general. Perusing one of my favorite websites while drinking my morning coffee, I read a wrap-up of the weekend’s box office that briefly discussed the success of War Room, a movie I hadn’t thought about in months since I had watched the trailer. Delving further, I clicked on several links to reviews of War Room and came across a statement that prompted me to write a brief article on the Kendrick brothers. I didn’t write a review of War Room, nor was that my intention; writing the article, based on my knowledge of the Kendrick brothers’ movies, I was mainly responding to movie critic Scott Renshaw’s comment. However, my post generated so much buzz, both positive and negative, that I made the rash promise that I would watch the movie and if my assessment of it was unfair, I’d donate money to Joel Osteen’s church. Well, Joel Osteen ain’t gettin’ any of my money, thankfully. And here’s why:

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