Weekend Reading: 2/18


by John Ellis

I freely and happily admit that I have cribbed this idea from other writers and bloggers. So be it. A good idea is a good idea, though, right? There is so much content vying for our attention on the internet, it’s often hard to find the diamond in the rough, so to speak. Although, there are plenty of diamonds hidden throughout the interwebs. To that end, aggregate sites are useful, and websites and blogs that devote articles and posts to serving as an aggregate for interesting and/or useful content are likewise useful. While I have next to zero desire for this blog to become an aggregate site, or even provide daily posts that offer some help to my friends and readers uncover some diamonds that they may have missed, a weekly post seems fun for me and possibly profitable.

Below, are several of the more interesting and useful articles and blog posts that I read over the last week. Enjoy.

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