5 Things I’ve Learned About Writing

daily-writingby John Ellis

It hasn’t been quite two months since I began writing for PJ Media. In that time, I’ve had eleven articles and over fifteen-thousand words published (not a lot, yet, I know); hundreds of strangers have informed me that I’m an idiot and a terrible writer, while hundreds more have sung hyperbolic praises to me. During the past two-(ish) months, friends have encouraged me and “friends” have discouraged me. I’ve agonized over the realization that “I don’t have a good pitch for this week!” And, thankfully, I’ve thrilled as articles took off and resonated with more people than I had hoped. Combined with my time as a columnist with No Depression and as a contributor for Bearded Gentleman Music, I have learned some things writing for PJ Media.  Which is good since I’ve never had a writing class in my life; there was and continues to be a lot that I need to learn. And since I’m currently having an “I can’t think of anything to write” moment, I’m going to share some of the things I’ve learned. Because …

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